Why me and Why you

June 22, 2012
By Anonymous

How am I supposed to act when the one that I love broke my heart? I am fragile little girl. When I first told you that I like you, I thought that you liked me too. But in that case I guess I was wrong. It is so funny to my how when you like someone and they find out, they think that the can break your heart. Having felt the way I did made me think I could actually have a chance with you. I will never forget the day you found out that I liked you. We were at a pool party and I looked at you and you looked at me. We both hung out with each other. But when it got to that point that you found out that I liked you, that is when it got really weird to me. I had no clue on what to say or what to do. You were nice well so I thought. Then we hung out after school. We walked together. Then I stopped talking to you because I thought you were mad at me. Then that day it was only high school having that pool party. Oh yeah I will never forget that day. We hung out for a little bit. Then you would stop talking to me for a little while. That moment in time when I saw you kiss her was that moment when I knew it did something wrong. Now I know what I did wrong. I sat there and witnessed some heart breaker. At this point I talked to all my friends. They told me move on. At first I did not want to but I ended up moving on. I know you did not want that but I did. I moved on to this guy that I liked for a little longer than you. Shamon oh he is the sweet heart. I am in love with him. Now that I moved on you want to work it out. Well guess what, what happened I did for a reason. TO MOVE ON FROM YOU.

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