July 10, 2012
By noblenic SILVER, Interlochen, Michigan
noblenic SILVER, Interlochen, Michigan
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The first breath becomes the second and eventually you are so far along that you have stopped counting and then you look back finding scars that are healing. You have gotten lost in the webs of lies and the people chasing themselves. There is no rewinding at this point the movie is too far along and the mud is too deep to crawl out of this time. You blame time, but time has nothing to do with it. Time is simply the crossing guard who doesn’t really know anything. The breaking point is already so close, so why not just finish and get it over with. You have already speeded by this far. Even the cops are done and they let you pass not even acknowledging you because now you know what is going on and they can move on with their pathetic lives. You were a spec in their life. Your name does not ring the bell anymore and your face is now just the shape of the clouds.

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