Who Am I?

April 17, 2008
By Lea D, Guttenberg, IA

I stepped into the shower and blasted hot water out of the shower head.
I let the hot water run through my hair and I couldn't help but think. Think about what is going to happend to me. What I'm going to do. What I'm going to say, to see, to feel.
I wondered if i was ment for something. Were teachers ment to teach? Were doctors made to heal? Were writers destined to write? What was my fate?
I rubbed my shampoo through my hair and when I rinsed it out the suds flowed down my body and down the drain.
Was I going down? Sometimes I believe that I'm going down a drain, wasting my precious water of life, so to speak. But that's not what I wanted,
It's like when you read a good book and right after the last sentence you look up to the sky and think, "Wow, could this ever happen to me?"
I massaged in my conditioner, leaving it to soak in my hair as the water pounded on my open hands.
It was then that I knew. I knew that I WAS ment to do something. I was made to be someone. I had a purpose. All I had to do was find it. I could be those books, I could have my happy ending somehow. Someway. I could fly.

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