I Love You

July 8, 2012
By Loudthoughts15 SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
Loudthoughts15 SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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"Don't wish the life away that others wish they had. Don't wish for things that others with they had not wished for." - Joshua Boudreau.
Need to wan, want to be needed. - Joshua Boudreau

You have a need to want, and you want to be needed. Some might say you have an odd passion for recognition. A simple solution for such a puzzling mind you hide behind. You're not difficult, just incredibly young with a slight side of differentiality. A beautiful girl with a beautiful mind, your thoughts just fidget along from side to side, up and down. Not a curse, but perhaps an advantage given to you for a reason. It's the quiet one whose thoughts will be the loudest. It's the quiet one whose mind state can fog up easily. Her ears are exposed to the lessons and opportunities life nudges her way, she notices the mistakes of others as well as her own. Sometimes, I can't help to wonder if she is as uncomfortable in her own skin, as I am in mine. She knows what she wants, most of us want the same exact thing. She doesn't want to be showered with gifts, or have a million dollars. Happiness, the hardest but most simple feeling is what she strives for. During the process to happiness, some fall into poison because they have looked for it in the wrong places, or perhaps cared for much to long. Others want to belong, so we get packed not with love, but with tiny pieces of lead as we fight for a certain territory. Justine Reyes, everybody around you has a story and along with that comes a purpose. Once you get out of your labyrinth, you will reach happiness. Maybe to you, it's known as your great perhaps.

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