June 30, 2012
We stand at the bottom of this pyramid, looking up at the people who govern us. They govern everything. They govern our homes, our schools, the education taught to the youth who will grow up and govern in the same perspective, following the footsteps of the culprits who govern our mindsets, dictating what makes more money, or what makes our nation stronger. What would you choose? Give a man power and he’ll become corrupt. Give a land freedom, and that land will spread like wildfire till every single soul is ignited with the passion that drove the history of this country to become what wants sovereignty.

We walk past homeless men stroking the fur of dogs that became hopeless and their thirsts stay unquenched and old women whose bodies have been so beaten they wish to bleed to death but life drives them. What could be so appealing to life if all that’s on this balance is profit or poverty? What is left that sheds hope to mothers whose children grew up with only necessities? What light do prisoners see when they think, “It wasn’t me”?

How do the corporate officials look at us from their pedestal above the Congressmen? Do they celebrate their prosperity and spend success on wine and bread or do they sit with fat bellies and determine where to proceed in the matters of neglecting the people who make up this special country? Charity, never could have existed.

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