June 30, 2012

A disease warped into belief, slithering behind impressions and perceptions, tainting lives and clouding the dignity of a voluntary mind.

A biased idea. The creation of the monsters who have encaged us in this rivalry fight to the fittest. We have all succumbed to this pitiful abyss of mixed traditions of the conservatives.

This race.
A race with a purpose.
My race.

Your identity. My misfortune to live behind these bars you've made. Bars made of gun metal and medals of honor, badges of high supremacy in the name of "white".

This lie standing on corporate officials whose ancestors slayed the waking beasts who roamed through the east, the western culture backdrop that spread through the old lands of Pangaea, is lost to me.

My race spreads through home towns and villages, groomed cities and light-skinned mannequins.
My race overshadows the genocide of Aztecans and the Native Americans extermination.
My race overshadows the young people of color rummaging through scraps in a broken down city, screaming in poverty.
My race overpowers the millions of people working in the run-down projects, the burnt-out immigrants, the enslaved Africans.

We've raised the AK's and kicked what's left of our already multi-billionaire profits to the poor working classmen.
Yet I am still a proletariat.
Yet my race is white.

A biased disease. An old law written in the books. A formal culprit. A justification by means of religion and eugenics. A bulls*** science.

Passed from breath to breath. Sight to near sight. Floating across these seas and oceans, landing in the minds of innocent children corrupted from this too strong compulsion.

Race is separating the Irish and the Angolans, the Dutch and the Dominicans, the Vietnamese and the Mexicans. Mixed traditions split by the faulty logic we keep receiving.

It's now time to put an end to this. Let's finish this on-going race of deep prejudice. This fake construction. This political division is over.

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