Thinking of You

July 6, 2012
By textaholic1025 PLATINUM, Bloomville, Ohio
textaholic1025 PLATINUM, Bloomville, Ohio
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I climb in a tree to get away, to think. I sit on a low branch and let the cool ohio summer breeze blow my hair back. Dark brown starnds of hair swirled in front of me reflecting sahdes of red and light brown. I stare at the trees so small on the horizon.
I remembered looking into hunters eyes as he came colser to me. I remember him pushing my hair back from my face as he whispered to me "I love you." I remember how he kissed me and sent my heart into flitting butterflies. We would sit there wrapped in each others arms. I could practicly feel his hands rubbing my back and playing with the ends of my hair.
I closed my eyes and grabbed a nearby branch. Remembering times like that made me miss him more and more. I couldn't wait to see him again. It's been so long since I've seen him. Everyday my heart longed for him, screamed for him. It pained me more to remember how far away I was from him.

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