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June 28, 2012
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What is a word? The barest of thoughts, the deepest of feelings, and all inbetween on whispered breaths or shouted snarls. Words have lost their meaning, things considered weak given the current world. Pretty. Nice. Strong. Who has decided that those words have lost their power that they held once upon a time? Power fades, if allowed the chance to. Likewise, so does it grow. Phrases spoken on harsh snaps and gentle whispers. Words target emotions, be it for better or for worse. How silly to think that a mere sound that has been created into a language could cause the most innocent of children to become stoic and grow to fast, or bring a grown man to his knees in tears. Such is the way the world is built. Civilizations born and destroyed in the same breath, the same speaker. I love you. I hate you. So small, those three little words. And yet, their power is so great to so many. Such things play on emotions, creates energy from energy. So while a word may simply be no more or less than that in reality, the emotional aspect of it will be the thing to create the energy. The nature of those creations, however, again plays on emotion, be it a case of world-spread genocide or the treaty that will end a war. So to the stoic, the melodramatic, the torn, the peaceable, the world: Listen to what others have to say. The things heard may just be beautiful, beautiful and sad.

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