Two Fed Up Parents

July 8, 2008
By Marcellese Powell, Waukesha, WI

There the only ones who have control over me. My siblings and I are the only ones who put up with them. Two fed up parents with smoke coming out of there nose, and vulgar words spewing form there mouths.2 who are on there way to teenage years. 20, broken holes all over our apartment walls. From across the street are neighbors can hear us, but to the rest of the family it’s just a norm for us. Their anger isn’t secret. They send millions of punishments, hurt and reality at my face. They jump up they jump down and grab the evidence between there bruising hands screaming and hollering like it’s going to change a thing.
Then everything’s quiet
Let me tell my reasons for what I did, they’ll both understand like when they were kids, There eyes glossy from all the tears cried. Grounded, grounded, grounded they say when I wake. I blacked out.
I’m too upset and ashamed to keep crying. I wish I was little again when I still had my innocents, then it is I who see I need to change. When there’s no one else to confide in. There’s Two who’ll still be there. Two who will always be there to forgive and forget. Two who love there daughter despite the mistakes she’s made.

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