July 8, 2008
Not everyone in my family have eyes that look a like. My sister Portia and I have different eyes than anyone in my family because were adopted. I think that Portia has pretty eyes. Portia’s eyes remind me of a calm sea.

People say that I have beautiful eyes. When I think about the color of my eyes the thought of a green colored day pops into my mind just like the sky is green sometimes before a tornado. Many people say to me that they love my eyes. When I hear that I think to myself Portia has beautiful eyes too. Coming from the same mother our eyes look alike even thought they are different colors.

My older brother Caleb has dark brown eyes. His eyes are calm looking like Portia’s but inside he is not like that. Caleb to me is still like a child never wanting to grow up. My dad also has dark brown eyes. I don’t look at his eyes so I don’t know what they make me think of. My older brother Jess has hazel eyes just like me. His eyes remind me of a calm lake or ocean.

The odd one in my family is my older sister Alyssa. She is the only one in my family who has bright, bright, bright eyes like a bright sunny summer day when the sky is blue.

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