May 28, 2008
By Amanda Senna, Coventry, RI

Time was slowly passing by, it seemed like forever. all i wanted was for your forgiveness. was that to much to ask for? i understand what i did was wrong, but not one person in this world is perfect. honestly if i could, i would change the world to make it a happy place. unfortunatly not all dreams come true. this is life, we live for regrets, breakups, makeups, and forgiveness! i just want to be happy again. i feel like i lost the world right out of the palm of my hands. could that be? no, we were more then just friends. together we were sisters, part from eachother we remained, sisters. you were there for me as i was for you. it was as if we could never be separated. unfortunatly it happened. how? why? i dont know. what happened to us? i try to fix things, but i see you dont. your pushing me away. inside its crushing everything i have, but on the outside im in denial, i know this isnt happening. i dont wanna believe it. im living a different life with out you. truthfully i dont like it at all. feels as though my life just couldnt get any worse. my life revolves around friendship and trust. you of all people should hav known that. right now its me against the world. i dont know what to do anymore, or even what to say. i never thought that this would ever happen to me and you! iv tried and tried with all that i have just to get things back were they belong. but its just a waste of time. when in reality it only hurts more to be rejected over and over agian by the one you trusted most. i guess when it comes to the end you start thinking about the beginning. yeah, i remeber all the times we laughed together. ive never been happier. but unfortunatly i never thought id say it. but i never thought looking back at the laughs would make me cry!

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