Ruth's Journal

May 31, 2012
By Anonymous

December 31, 1943

Dear Journal:
Winter break is almost at an end. It has been one of the coldest winters in Georgia recorded in the past 50 years. When I woke up this morning to an empty house I glanced out the window and saw some frost on it. No birds are chirping and it was very silent. Usually on New Years Eve me and my brother, Hubert would spend the whole day getting the house all together so that we could invite some guests over for the new year. I remember back when daddy was alive in 1938 we had all spent the day together cleaning the house and then starting on cooking and the whole family together it was my favorite time of the year. Hubert always had his tall wine glass that he pulled out for the New Year even though he wasn’t of age our parents let him have a glass since it couldn’t do any harm. That glass still sits on top of the dresser in his room. He has been away nearly a year now when he went to bootcamp for the Army. He said that he was joining to protect the ones that he loves. Hubert was always there for me especially in school. All the kids like to pick on me and the boys call me ugly. I use to cry until my brother would beat them up for me. He was very protective. This school year has been very rough without him the kids are worse than ever and I try to ignore them as much as possible but I can’t. The cold air is whistling through the crack in the window, I am bundled up in 4 blankets and wearing heavy clothes and I have my own little pocket of warmth to myself. Looks like I am going to be spending the new year of 1944 all by myself. I started to clean a little to make it feel like good old times but it wasn’t the same and I stopped. Mother wont be home until late tonight she is going to one of the USO dances out at Ft. Benning. Ever since Hubert left its almost like I live all by myself and nobody cares about me. Mom had to start working the farm and she volunteers for the USO all the time. She never has time for me just like anyone else. Hubert always made time for me but hes gone. It almost feels like im in a dark tunnel and I cant find the light because nothing seems to go right anymore. Out here on this farm I get to keep to myself nobody gets to bother me. The boys wont come out here to call me ugly. Ever since the war started more people have moved into town and there are more cars driving around all the time but I am still stuck here on this lonely farm all by myself. I wish I could be like most girls and live in town and hangout with friends. Here comes a boy now a kid in my grade who runs telegrams around maybe he is going to my neighbors.

Huberts glass is broken on the floor. The boy with the telegraph came to my house and when he knocked at the door I was so startled and rushed to the door that I stumbled and hit the dresser. I cant believe this is happening. I haven’t read the telegraph yet but I already know what it is. It cant be this is not possible. The paper is sitting on the kitchen table almost like its staring at me I am scared to even look at it. There is no way to fix the glass it shattered into a million pieces. The last part of Hubert is officially gone right on new years eve my own special day with him. It is unbearable to even consider spending 1944 without him. What am I going to do?

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