Realizing you have a problem (revision)

May 29, 2012
By cryforhelp95 GOLD, Nonw, Oregon
cryforhelp95 GOLD, Nonw, Oregon
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You can be beautiful on the outside.. But if you have an ugly heart, you're ugly.

Some people have healthy ways of relieving stress and some have ways that aren't very healthy. I knew a girl who every time someone said that she did something wrong or she got into a fight with someone she would go in her bedroom, lock the door, pull out a small switch blade and she would begin to cut her arm, she would cut her arm for every time she had gotten sad, depressed, or even angry. She felt like this was the only way that she felt she could make her self feel better she had no friends at school or even at home she was always alone, she spend a lot of time with her mom but they never really got along very well, she always felt like her mother would never understand her and why she felt alone. She went to school as a normal girl but she always kept her scares and cuts hidden, she knew that the school would tell her mother that she was cutting her self if they ever saw her cuts. She walked through the halls trying to act as though nothing had ever happened like she was still the 14 year old girl that loved to have fun and liked what she saw when she looked into a mirror, instead she was the freaky 16 year old girl that hated what she say in the mirror and wished that it would disappear. She never felt like she was a freak, her mother bought her a beautiful two piece swim suit and she went in the bathroom tried it on and looked in the mirror it looked beautiful on her it fit like a glove and made her look slim and fit, but she didn't think so, she walked out to the living room and told her mother that she looked fat in it her mother looked at her and said, honey you look beautiful please wear it i had to work my a** off to get it and it was far from cheap. She agreed to wear it but said that she didn't like the way that she thought her body looked in it. Her mother felt like she was a bad mother for never telling her daughter to stop but one day she was found out and they made her go to therapy, she's doing a lot better and now she lives with her mom and she doesn't cut her self anymore she even likes going to school, she finally made a few friends and really felt like she was fitting in a bit with the other students for a change. She never thought that it would happen, she finally felt more comfortable with her body and more confident in showing it off, she finally felt like she belonged somewhere, her and her mother finally stopped fighting though her mother took away her knives, protractors, pencil sharpeners, and pretty much everything sharp that could hurt her. Her mother found it amazing that she was being so honest with her and so open, her mother knew how hard it was for her to tell her about this and how hard it was for her to accept it, but she was still proud none the less. She finally grew up and realized that she was doing something she shouldn't have and she was very sorry. She loved her mom and she was very sorry for the damage it caused her.

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