May 24, 2012
It seems every time I see the news or read the newspaper, I see someone being affected by bullying. In addition to this outrageous behavior, bullies were not only affecting their victims but also causing the victim’s family and friends to suffer. It’s time to take a stand and make a difference by keeping safety and courage in mind.

Seeing a loved one being bullied, all you want to do is protect them and give them courage that they can overcome the bullying. For example, Demi Lovato’s mom watched her daughter grow up suffering from depression and cutting all because of bullying. The bullying got so bad, her mom was afraid to walk into her room one day to find her dead. With all of Demi’s ups and downs, she still survived with the help of her family and friends. By overcoming her situation by taking one day at a time.

Another example is Jamey Rodemeyer who was fourteen years old when he killed himself. Jamey was bullied because he was gay. In the end it got to emotional for him that he could not handle it anymore. His last words were a tweet to Lady Gaga Saying “Bye, Mother Monster, thank you for all you have done.” When Lady Gaga heard about this she dedicated her concert to Jamey and promised her fans she would keep fighting to help get laws passed making bullying illegal. And even when Jamey was gone the bullies were still bullying chanting “that they were happy that Jamey was dead”. This makes me want to ask the bully’s one question. Does this make you happy seeing your victims and their families suffer?

Ways I believe we can help prevent bullying is if more famous people talk about their experience. The fans look up to these famous people and talking about their experiences they might be able to change a person’s life. When I read articles or see on E News what famous people went through it helps me to realize that I am not alone in how I’m feeling at the time and by realizing that I am not alone helps. This is why I look up to Demi Lovato and Lady Gaga because those sharing their experiences will help change someone else’s life.

Another way to help prevent bulling is if middle schools and high schools would learn to take bullying more serious. Just like they take sex-ed classes serious to help prevent teenage pregnancy, If schools had a bully class for all grades to help teach students how bulling affects people. It might help prevent things from getting so out of hand.

For the people who are bullies, I have to blame the parents and the schools for not taking this issue seriously. It is time for everyone to change. This is no joking matter, it is serious. I am tired of what little is being done to stop this. We need to take a stand and stand together.

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