I Am

May 8, 2008
By Ally Carr, Litchfield Park, AZ

I am a creator. I am a destroyer. I am the all powerful. I have been known to create or obliterate worlds on a mere whim. I have slaughtered an entire army of Wargels, created holidays, named a town after myself, and bent the space-time continuum without batting an eye. I have created new gods by projecting their being in my image. I have taken a stroll with Constantine, and swam with H.G. Wells. I have moved the hanging gardens of Babylon to San Diego for three hours before putting it back in its proper place. All this I have accomplished with a pen.
With the seemingly simplistic power of words, I have spun people, worlds, and even flying trapese ninja pirate monkeys into existance. I create my own reality through the labyrinth of my own thought. My only restriction is my imagination.
I am a writer

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