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May 1, 2012
By Anonymous

If you have tried to quit smoking, you know how hard it can be. It is difficult, because nicotine is a very addictive drug. One of every six deaths in the United States are related to smoking. Smoking is a proven health hazard, and there are clear benefits to quitting. (Guide to quit) “Nicotine is a drug found naturally in tobacco, it is as addictive as heroin or cocaine” Quitting smoking is difficult, it takes a lot of hard work and effort but you can stop smoking if you have the willpower and motivation, you can make it happen. Usually, people make a couple tries before finally being able to quit. The point of this essay is to provide people with positive suggestions for improving their success of quitting smoking.
One can start by seriously thinking about quitting, and then setting a date. First, make a list of all the reasons you want to quit smoking, keep the list where you would normally carry your cigarettes. This will help when you find yourself reaching for a cigarette. You must remember that there are many things or places that can trigger the urge to smoke, such as drinking coffee, alcohol, sitting at a bar or even after a meal. One can avoid these urges simply by having activities that will help keep your mind off smoking, for example exercising, meditation, and hanging out with positive influences. You can also try going to places where you would not normally smoke, such as movies, libraries, and even restaurants. Tell people around you that are smoking, that you have quit and get away from the environment immediately. If people are smoking around you remove yourself from the area to resist your urge to smoke. Inhaling second-hand smoke is just as harmful as smoking, and can increase your risk of going back to smoking.
Secondly, one way to quit smoking is to manage cravings. After quitting, you may feel dizzy, restless, or even have strong headaches because you are lacking the immediate release of sugar that comes from nicotine. These sugar-related cravings should only last a few days until your body adjusts, so drink plenty of juice to keep your sugar levels up. It will help prevent the craving symptoms and help your body feel normal again. (How to quit) “For some smokers, ending a meal means lighting up, and the idea of giving that up may appear daunting”. Replace that moment after a meal with something such as a piece of fruit, a healthy dessert, chocolate, or something with sugar to give you a boost. Many people have a habit of smoking when they have an alcoholic drink, try to keep your mind off this by trying non-alcoholic drinks, or try drinking only in places where smoking inside is prohibited. When friends, family, and co-workers smoke around you, it makes it much harder for you to quit. Your friends and family need to know that you are changing your habits so talk about your decision to quit. Let them know not to smoke around you because it can increase your cravings to smoke. In your workplace, avoid going on break with employees who smoke and find non-smokers to have your breaks.

Finally, the last helpful tip for people who are trying to quit smoking is dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Some may think that a withdrawal symptom only happens when one is trying to quit hard drugs like heroin or cocaine, this is not true the symptoms for a person trying to quit may experience temporary withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, irritability, tiredness and excessive hunger. You can relieve these symptoms by exercising and getting plenty of rest, eat well-balanced meals, and low calorie snacks. If you’re feeling irritated, take long, deep breaths and relax. Withdrawal from nicotine has two parts the physical and the mental. The physical symptoms are annoying but not life threatening. Still, if you’re not prepared for them, they can tempt you to go back to smoking. Nicotine replacement and other medicines can help reduce many of these symptoms. Most smokers find that the bigger challenge is the mental part of quitting.
In conclusion, quitting smoking can be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. Within a few days or weeks, you may begin to notice changes in your body, your sense of smell may improve, you will breathe easier, and your body’s overall energy increases. You will greatly decrease your chance of chances of developing heart disease, stroke and emphysema.

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