Life Without Love <3

May 20, 2008
By Hannah Bible, Marietta, GA

What would life be without someone to love, without someone to hold or hug? It would just a big endless bucket of lonely houses and empty hearts. There would be no family, no mom in the kitchen or dad on the recliner. We would turn into greedy selfish people who only cared about there selves because that’s the only person there are to care about. Life without love has no soul, no feeling or warmth. It’s cold. Dead cold.

No love, makes hate. People hate that that have, had, or has love in their life. I believe every human, every animal; every being of the earth deserves love. They need it to survive; they need someone to help them because they love them. If you have no love you have no life. Where would we go without love? You would go to an empty house with no family portraits on the wall or hugs of excitement for your arrival.

Love is precious. Love is sweet. Hold on tight to the love you have now. Don’t let someone rip all your love away. Let your love flow out into someone that you need to survive the rest of your life. Don’t let it fall on some idiot; because once (s) he has it, it will be hard to watch it leave. But if it happens gather all the love you have left and build it up and leave the idiot behind.

Once love is in your life the sun shines brighter, the birds sing louder, the flowers grow higher, and your smile seems wider. When you see your lover, you feel a million butterflies flying around your stomach flying higher up ‘til gibberish slips out and your cheeks turn into tomatoes. But (s) he doesn’t notice because (s) he’s lost in your eyes. That’s love, a never-ending fire in your heart for this person. Find that and you have found love.

Got bad love? Not good; bad love is a cold spark of love or a sample at the mall of love. You feel the spark and bet all your love on that one card and instead of an ace, it’s a 2 and you have wasted it all. All your love is gone and you have to go and work to find someone that can give it back to you. Bad love is an illusion of what you want, like an oasis in the middle of a desert that you run towards with all that’s left in you for it and turns out, it’s a trick of your common sense and it’s just a beautiful disaster.

To get love, you must love. You have to love the one’s you have for who they are not what they do, dress, or look like. Its not right to rate friends or acquaintances in the way they appear but the way they feel or act. It’s like a baby swan, ugly now but once you watch it grow and let its personality flow, they seem more beautiful than ever.

Love is beautiful and life without it is an empty cold nightmare with no soul, no warmth. I hope you find love and once you do, that you keep it forever.

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