My Natural High

November 27, 2007
By Cody Armstrong, Hamilton, TX

My natural high is building crosses

I love to build crosses, because it inspires me to reach out to greater heights.
People from all over come to me for crosses, they say to me kid you have a natural
Gift and I say yes It shore is it is a gift from god. Something that means a lot to me is when I am building my crosses on a Sunday morning and my grandpa turns on the country chapel which is nothing but the lord’s music it motivates me to keep on building until my grandma rings the six clock dinner bell rings.

My natural high is exciting to me because I no I am building crosses for a good cause. I like when I build crosses it mite inspire other people to believe in god. Building crosses will help other kids to think nothing is impossible if you just try hard enough give
It enough effort and use your head for it will help you to reach for thing way out of your reach.

My natural high motivates me by when little kids big kids grown ups and say can you help me by building a crosses for a love one or friend. The natural high inspires me to stay away from recreational drugs by paying action to the way my crosses look then what other people think about me trying recreational drugs.

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