Military Kids

May 3, 2008
By Tanna-marie Cochrane, Hewitt, TX

We ‘re standing strong and proud. Falling and getting back up again. We’re walking, running, crawling. Living in pride and honor. We’ll fight and defend till the end. Trying to stand strong for others, and help them when in need. We’ll give them our strength, and give them our will. We’ll give them everything that we can. Because we’re standing strong and proud. Falling and getting back up again. Because we’re military kids. Acting like everythings all right when the soldiers leave for the battles. Trying to keep the families strong. While the soldiers are fighting away for our countries and everything else. Waiting and hoping that they’ll return soon. Living our lives like everythings all right when nothing is at all. Watching as the time ticks on by. Wondering how much longer will it be till they’ll be back in our reach. Wondering when, wondering how, wondering where, wondering away. Falling and getting back up again with our hope and our will fading every second that time ticks on by. Looking, wanting, needing to find a reason to keep our will and spirit strong as ever when their gone. Because we’re military kids yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, military kids, yeah yeah yeah yeah, military kids, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, military kids yeah, yeah military kids.

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