The Biggest People of All

May 6, 2012
By Anonymous

The quote, "There's nobody bigger than a man who learns to grow," has a variety of different interpretations. It mainly focuses on the idea that humans don't know everything and need to keep learning. Also people are continually discovering interesting and exciting things. This quote is about knowledge rather than physically growing. It means that nobody is smarter than the people who admit that humans don't know everything and continue to learn. It is people like this that are always on the verge of discovery.
There are always new things being discovered. The people behind these changes are those who continue to grow. Almost every thing has been discovered or created by someone. For example, in Europe during the 1400s, some people believed that the world was round, but almost nobody believed that you could sail west and get to China. One man did, though. Christopher Columbus was his name, and he didn't find China, but he did find North and South America for the Europeans, who thought that the world was much smaller than we know it to be today. In the past few decades, another man has made a huge impact on technology. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, has had huge impacts on the businesses of music and personal computing among other things. Apple has completely digitalized most of the world mainly because of Steve Jobs. Columbus and Jobs, as well as countless others, realized that there was room for the world to learn, improve, and most importantly, grow.
The world is always changing, and, to get by in it, it is necessary to keep up. Many practices from the past would be frowned upon in modern society. Could you imagine someone dumping chamber pots in the world of modern day toilets? A long time ago, the toilet would have sounded crazy, but it forced everyone living in a major society to leave its old ways and use the toilet. The world is changing as much today as it always has. Up until a little over ten years ago, there was no such thing as the Internet. Now, it is a primary source of communication for many people. Some may try to stick with the things that they are familiar with, but others will realize that change is important and that they can grow out of their old ways. The people that stay one step ahead can gain more knowledge in a faster, more efficient way, and will always be the biggest people around. Society is always changing, and knowledge is key to success.
Let's face it; knowledge is what our society runs on. Without knowledge from the past, we will repeat terrible disasters and destroy our world. Without wondering about the future, mankind will be stuck in a permanent mental rut and not be able to improve society. Everything man-made around the world was created because somebody realized how to improve something from the past for future generations. For example, cooking used to be very dangerous because of open fires, smoke, and many other things that would be considered dangerous by today's standards. Now, somebody realized how to produce heat from electricity, and make cooking easier than ever. If people are ignorant about some things and never try to improve upon them, the world can't be made safer and never would get any better. Without new knowledge nobody will ever grow.
As you can see, the quote, " ...there's nobody bigger than a man who learns to grow"' could have many different interpretations, but it always comes back to changing the world by letting your mind grow. From “discovering” a continent, to using a flush toilet, to cooking on a stove, humans and the world are always growing. I know that the world will keep growing, so long as there are people to help push it along.

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