Kronos :My Bravery

May 6, 2012
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I am the courage as in my world, such is barren. The leader for those lost of lead, I light the way to providence.
Though not used as often as desired, I spark his fury through cold seams, his will to stand and fight to truth, and plot smugly behind the scenes. Though my master hides me for a simple peaceful life, I sense his unease with each day as he waits for turbulence in stagnant soil.
Deny all you like my father for I hear your stifled cry. Let me free to make your wishes and reunite you to your forever throne of bayonets. Chaos is our shared lover; strike her down once more for her to rise once more in endless battle.
Forsake not the love you share for a land without control as you and I know well that such leaves no purpose in our existence. Peace must be earned not handed out in blasted charity!
We must fight to survive this world of lies; I ask you shake off your feathers of idle, that infernal down of rotten sloth. Spread your wings once more young master; bring order with your call. Return balance to the world you so cowardly left behind!
I come not as an advocate for belligerency, keep that much in thought but by leaving your life behind undone, look at how much girth you’ve gained. Leaders lead through mind, body, and strength. I wait loyally for your call once more.
Dynamic action should blood be left to squaller.

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