Lucian Umbra: My Disdain

May 6, 2012
By Atamos0 GOLD, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Atamos0 GOLD, Stone Mountain, Georgia
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"Let us become the whisper that brings magic life:)"

Humans are the only creatures born with the disposition of repeating the same fruitless mistakes only to expect a different result for their efforts and an almost absurd and horrifying ability to live like fire, roasting the vitality around them to sustain a selfish existence. If you ask me, should my opinion matter, we should allow them the gift of choice rather than revoke it for that is nature’s way… Seems those of us with power appear to enjoy that ability to take.

The powerful, swift, intelligent, and resilient shall reap the fruits of majesty while allowing the fodder to cook in their sin. Why stop them? Why save a dying man from dying only to have him replicate the very same errors, thus duplicating his rightfully deserved dilemma. Hell, I just happen to perceive it more along the lines of a gift. Ones actions reap gifts and should said actions cause a detrimental influx in one’s quality of life then they should rightfully have the honor to receive the appropriate reward. All but a positive hum to life’s logic by days end when one sits on the concept.

I must admit, human short comings do press upon me as upsetting at times though when you really ponder it, analyzing a pack of them conversating with glee, their insecurities become as prominent as the eyes on envious faces, the teeth in their greedy mouths, and the smiles on lustrous lips. Within each one harbors a devil they struggle to hide through muscles, make up, and sex appeal…Though it fades… It always does. Leaving only dust in its wake with memories close behind it.

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The darker side to my thinking

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