May 3, 2012
By hope0905 BRONZE, Kirtland, New Mexico
hope0905 BRONZE, Kirtland, New Mexico
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"A temporary problem doesn' t need to be solved with a permanent solution"

The world is nothing but a strange jungle waiting to swallow up a person’s soul. She has many obstacles that await people to be trap into it or be lured into the traps by the beauty of lust.
Many of us learn from a young age the ups and downs that the world has brought upon us. Whether it would be taking a loved-one from the face of the earth or simply giving us challenges to face in our everyday lives. I, however, have taken a perspective of these challenges a different way that is inexplicable.
We all have strengths and weaknesses that we never fully develop until we come of age of understanding. I have an understanding of the strength that boils in me like water being boiled in a pot. This strength I realize is has potential to be a leader. A leader that is capable to overcome obstacle without losing the faith I have in myself. Many people don’t find their strengths and weaknesses until they realize that the jungle has brought another problem for them to solve or has made them realize what kind of a person they have been toward others.
Some peoples lose control of their life like a drunk driver losing control of the wheel and with no understanding of getting into an accident that could cost their life. People in this sort of predicament think they have no capability to take control of their lives end up giving up everything or simply hating the world because she has brought trials and tribulations to them.
I believe that everyone has a part in this world like a car needing every tiny part to be functional. This world is a place to enjoy life and acknowledge the fact that we are here for a reason to contribute to this society.
I believe that I was brought into this world for a reason that I have not yet been able to understand until I find the capability to lead me to success.

I believe that I can and will succeed in my life with the help of people that love me and support my decisions. Family is a very important key because they give you honest opinions, they’re supportive, and will understand why you chose the road that you decided that will lead you to your goal.
I believe we as people can be successful by striving for better, but some people are weak to even think that they have what it takes to be precocious because of the trials and tribulation that life hands us to be a successful person.
I believe that I can do anything that can be a challenge because I know from my heart that I can take on a challenge without doubting myself.
The definition of success to me is to be a person that survives the jungle of tribulation. Anyone can have a life that is incessant that can only be changed by the person living the routine. Many people blame the world for their wrongdoing in life. Although they should be blaming themselves because they were the ones that made the choices that they will have to live with for the rest of their life.
For a person to be successful they have to believe in themselves and be very motivated by the things that inspire them to move forward in their challenges.
Teenagers that make goals for themselves have a tendency to quit because it’s a challenge they want to succeed but don’t want to do the steps to get there. Many teens say they’re not smart and intelligent, but I think that is their biggest pretend to say because they are lethargic to be making a goals for themselves.

I heard a person once told me that I should never think about other’s criticism because they don’t want you to be mogul because they never had the opportunity to have a chance of being successful. This has been a blessing to me because I know anyone can be smart, intelligent, and successful if they put their whole effort into the goals the want to achieve.

I believe to be optimistic about situations that life has for you because no matter how much people may despise you because you are making it in the world you shouldn’t stop to be mediocre but strive until you yourself is pleased with what you have done with your life.

You shouldn’t be vague about what you want to do with your life but start now to plan a life that you personally would want for you, your family, and strive to that goal because you will be satisfied. “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece to inspire others to think about their own lives and how they would change their lives to make life grand.

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