Best Person Ever Really?

May 7, 2012
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People are fallible creatures with an ungrounded high self-esteem. We think we're great and unique or that, hopefully, some day we'll meet someone great and unique and bound up with him so that some of their glamour can rub off on us... but no! We keep waiting and waiting and waiting, and the calendars get disposed in the bin one after another. The sad truth is that we're who we are because of the mistakes we've made, and a masterpiece can't be fully appreciated if all painting were as flawless and as magnificent.
There comes a time, however, when we get sick and tired of the ticking of the clock, realizing that the minutes are flying out of the window, so we stick the label "Best Person Ever" onto a friend or a mere acquaintance and we play a spectacular game of make-believe. We go around telling ourselves that he/she is so modest, so generous, so stylish, so presentable, so down-to-earth and so conscientious, and we strive to emulate their behaviour. We've only put our pink glasses on, though. Nobody is perfect!
May be I'm too much of a sceptic or I've absorbed too much of Hamlet's reflections and speculations about the duplicity of the world and human beings, but I truly believe that "Best Person Ever" is a strong adjective and its meaning can't be applied to just anyone. Disregarding someone's dark traits doesn't mean they are better people; it means you live in an illusion. My efforts to find someone living up to my expectations have been to no avail and I've ended up disappointed countless times.
It goes without saying that I won't give up on ransacking the world for my own "Best Person Ever" but I refuse to pin on them spates of sticky notes with qualities I'd like them to owe for I've woken up to the fact that most of them (the sticky notes) would fall off and the wind would carry them away in time in a swirl of unearthed cases of disillusion; all the glamour would wear off, and I'd be left with a mediocre creature with two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears, a mouth and a nose who is no incongruous than the rest.
I'm incapable of describing the best person ever as long as people are capable of changing, or more to the point, deteriorating.

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