The Act of Life

April 24, 2012
By , Aurora, CO
People of the world should cherish the act of life. Too many people take their lives for granted, and just throw it away. Cherishing your life would make there less people who take their own. For everyone in the world, suicide is not the answer. Killing yourself is not going to accomplish anything. Some people may think taking their life is ending it all, but that's not true. The pain and suffering you left behind, mourns on someone else. Would you honestly want the people you love to be in eternal pain for the rest of their lives? Besides, losing one to suicide could cause another to follow and make things extremely bad.

Cherishing your life would deflect people causing them-selves harm in order to try and get away from being alive, in other words, dead. Death is life. Either way it goes there is pain. You just have to stand strong, and get through it, no matter how hard it is. Giving up does not solve anything. It only makes it harder for those whom weep over their loss. Don't put your loved ones in pain. It's a hurt that cannot be forgotten, a death that cannot make since, a hole in your heart that cannot be filled.

There are a million things in life to live for. Things you grow up and get like a car, prom, graduation, and so much more exciting things like that. Cherishing your life would show more people caring about life and living life to the fullest. It would put less people in sorrow, and more lives being saved. Although some people believe they have no purpose in life and feel like wasted space, they're wrong. They need to find the light in the dark situations , and find the happiness in the sorrow.

Think about those who love you and care for you, the people whom need you and want you. Think of how horrible and devastating it would be to hear of the one you love, has been lost. The life you carry and the soul you hold mean so much for you to just throw it away. Don't give up, there's always someone there for you, to hold you and comfort you in these sad and lonely times. Be strong and brave, you'll make it through. Go forth, live life, and love it!

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