Bullying: It Needs To Stop

April 17, 2012
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When it comes to bullying whether you’re in elementary school, or high school, it can never stand as an okay thing to do. Everyone deserves to know that they are cared about. When you can purposefully hurt someone by saying or doing something to hurt their feelings is just not right. I am writing this to share my thoughts with the world and let people know that the effects of bullying on a young child or teen can really cause a lot of trauma in their life. When a child or teen is put down by their classmates it can be very traumatic. When peoples act that started out as only a joke and it was not meant to hurt anyone, turns around and ends with a child losing their life they think twice. Why does it have to go as far as that child losing their life to have the bully begin to think twice about what they say or do to another kid.

You may be thinking who is they to say how bullying affects young kids? How do they know? I will tell you why. I have gone through life constantly being bullied for the way I act. The way I talk, or dress. I seem to be at the center of everybody jokes that everyone around me seems to find funny. Do they not realize that I don’t find what they say or do funny? Do they not realize that what they are doing actually hurts?

Statistics show that bully victims are two to nine times more likely to commit suicide then non-victims. There are about 4, 400 suicide deaths per year. That is crazy. Bullying is never okay under any circumstances. A lot of people just tend to ignore the truths about bullying until it come to the point when it is happening either to them or to someone that is close to them. Why does it take it that long for you to realize something needs to be done? Why does it have to have something to do with you for you to realize that this is a real issue in the world for you to be able to do something about it?

If everyone joined together to fight against this then something can be done to end this. But it takes caring people to stop this. We could save lives. If you know that someone is being bullied or harassed even if they are not your friend do something about it. Tell a teacher or counselor even a parent, so that person can be helped.

Everyone deserves to be happy. When it comes to you picking on someone just for the entertainment of yourself that is when there becomes a big problem with what you are doing to be happy because at that point you are causing someone else to be unhappy. Next time you think about doing something stop and think about how your words or actions can affect that person.

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