El Alacran J.R

April 11, 2012
By Anonymous

“The scorpion J.R "

Marco Guzman was a smart 18 year old boy he loved his family and would do anything for them. His parents brought him everything he wanted, he had a beautiful Ferrari as red as the blood on his skin. His father Juan Guzman also known as El Alacran was one of the best drug Traficant in Spain, but Marco didn’t know that. He thought his father was a construction worker. One day Marco got back home from school and then his dads partners in his work where taken him to the table because he was wounded with various shots in his chest. Marco ask what had happened they told him that his father had refused to give the persons who were mugging him the money so they shot him, but that was a lie his father had been shot when he was trafficking 500 pounds of Colombian cocaine and the other people at the trading spot wanted to get away with the money and the cocaine. But El Alacran and his crew fought back and managed to get away with the cocaine. His father was hurt for a couple of days but as soon as he got better he started to traffic drugs again. one day Marco decide to follow his father to his job and Marco found out the truth of why he had everything he wanted, and why they couldn’t go anywhere without a body guard .Marco took his Ferrari home and waited for his dad to come home.

It was about 10 o’clock at night when the door opens and El Alacran comes in and Marco asks him “how was work?”The father replies “great why?” then Marco says “don’t play the stupid dumb idiot dad i know what you really work as ,you work as a drug trafficker, “am I right or am I wrong?”.Juan says “where did you get that from?” I followed you to work and I saw you transporting drugs on that boat now stop lying I know the truth. “So what do you want me to do about it yes I traffic drugs there’s nothing you can do about it. El Alacran says.” Yo quiero trabajar traficando drogas con usted” (I want to traffic drugs with you) is what Marco says. His father said that if he really wanted to do it then to meet him at the docks at 8:00 pm tomorrow.

The next day Marco drop out of school and went to the docks at 8:00 and met his father there and the rest of the crew he was going to do his first job he was going to go with the crew and go pick up another shipment of cocaine. The pickup was going fine until the coast guard was coming and they all started to run away Marco almost fell of the boat because his dad went full speed to get away as fast as they could. They managed to get away with the cocaine and got to shore safely then they all went home and Marco and his father were talking about tomorrow’s shipment. The next day they were already for the job so they got to the pickup location and they got the shipment and then El Alacran took his son to buy the new guns the crew needed. They bought 4 ak47s and 2 grenade launchers and Marco got a gold desert eagle 50 cal. They were doing all their jobs perfectly and getting unharmed then during one of their jobs El Alacran was shot and killed Marco swore to his father that he would kill the people who killed him as he was dying.

During the next jobs Marco killed all the other people who were giving him the drugs because he thought they were the killers of his father .soon he became known as El Alacran J.R because it was all over the news that he was killing all the other drug traffickers in search of the killers of his father. He had become very powerful and everyone who knew about him wanted to kill him. So he had moved to Mexico to lay low for a couple of months until he found the killer of his father “Francisco villa”.

The first day in Mexico 3 homeless guys mug him of the little money he had. So he spent the night outside that night. The very next morning he went to look for a job so he could have a place to live. He got a job as a waiter at a restaurant and the owner let him stay in a room at his house. The job got him little money but it got him enough for him to eat and sleep in a house at night. There was one group of people that always caught his eye every time they came into the restaurant, they had fancy clothing and always carried a gun with them. One day only one of them comes in and wounded with bullets in his arms and tells Marco that he would give him anything he wanted, if he took him to his house. Marco listened to the guy give the directions to the place where he lived. They got there and a doctor attended the person who had been shot in the arm. Several hours later he came out and he asked Marco how much money he wanted for bringing him to his house. Marco didn’t know how much so he said that he was just helping out and that he didn’t want any money in return, but the guy insisted and gave Marco a million dollars and offered him a job. What type of job? He asks.”A job that pays big bucks “another person said.” We traffic drugs” they all said. Marco accepted the job because he was really good at it because he had done it before. So he stopped working at the restaurant and work with them .they were successful with all of their jobs and they never got caught. they threw wild parties they were having the best time in their lives they all got a long until one day Marco saw in the news paper that his boss was wanted and that his real name was “Francisco villa” the person who killed his father. So Marco acted as if he hadn’t red that article with his crew .But he planned to get his revenge on him so he called the cops and told them when and where the next party was going to be . on the day of the party Marco came well armed with his gold desert eagle his father had bought him. The cops came and started shooting Marco acted like he didn’t know anything about it and help shoot the cops when most of his crew was dead he went up to his boss pointed the gun at his head and said “esto es por mi padre”(this is for my father ) and shot him and he died. One of the crew members saw what he had done and followed marco until Marco was cornered and the guy ask why did you kill our boss? “Porque yo soy El alacran J.r (because I’m the scorpion J.r) Marco said, and just as the guy was about to shoot Marco, 3 cops shoot him before and Marco runs away then he takes his ex-boss car and heads home back to Spain with his mother.

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