Last Day

April 11, 2012
By , chaorlattle, NC
Last day at Sunday in the morning we all decided to do a baked sale for our summer vacation at church because the course members need money to go to ash-ville at the hotel for 2months.So all of us got the part to count as a job description. anything that was on the table coast $1.00,but most brought more than that and everyone choose the homemade while some grab ice cream and soda that was wroth any penny.other people from church sing one of theirs songs before we start the Baked sale.Ms.Betty a 78yrs old woman who give a lot of candy to the church every Sunday.I have a great time for myself it made me feel the special glory to praise the lord with worship service letting people say what want to speak by tolerant and obscure words helping people means a lot words helping yourself with frightened,desolate,and nostalgic.

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