Tree Climbing

March 14, 2008
By John Schaser, Port Elizebeth, NJ

I’m one of many people. We climb trees for the thrill and beauty of nature. We thrive for the pride and accomplishment from reaching the last branch and gazing at the objects below. We are MONKEYS!
I am one of those banana loving, tree climbing monkeys, who loves the thrill of climbing trees with the anticipation of getting to the top. We have two main goals in climbing trees: #1) Get to the top: #2) Take in the pride and glory of your fa-filled goal. But there are three down-sides about climbing trees that you don’t want to take: #1) Fall out of the tree and face your death: #2) Tear your pants of any other clothes: #3) Cut your hands so bad till they bleed . These things don't happen a lot if you are careful. Climbing trees has gone way back till when Indians try to kill their prey. They would slowly and quietly climb straight up the tree then when their dinner walks by the throw a spear or shoot it with a bow and arrow. But you should have some experience before leaping to branch to branch. I would start out with a small tree then gradually begin climbing more and more trees. The more experienced the higher you can go. But if you’re locked outside of your house cause your parents want you to get some fresh air, start climbing those trees. It will keep you energized and it is exercise. So when your bored start climbing.

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