"Okay, I'm Going For It!"

January 25, 2008
By sarah johnson, Kalamazoo, MI

“Okay, I'm going for it! We're almost there.” Carli set him up right. Breathe in, we cleared it!

“Good boy!” I whispered,to my beautiful, black, Morgan gelding. “Good boy, Bird” one more before turning to the judges table.

I saw straight faces trying to pry out any look of excitement. I pulled Bird to a halt and saluted the judges. Waiting for my score I was sitting still, silent as a stone until they waved me on.

“Okay here they come,” I thought. “ 10, 9.5, 9.5,” said the judges.
“YES!!!!” I screamed, making Bird shy to the side.

I trotted Bird out of the arena and hopped off with a “thud.”

Sharey greeted me with a smile and a hug,”Carli you did awesome” she exclaimed.
We walked into the stable it seemed to be cheering as we walked through the opening.

I walked Bird down to the eighth stall, untacked him, and put him on the hotwalker to cool him down.

“Lets talk over lunch,” Sharey said.

At lunch I told her that when I asked Bird to trot slow, he went a million miles per hour! “You're a drama queen,” she said laughing.

“I know,” I exclaimed.

I needed to go back to the arena for your next event. We walked out the door to see Trace, my enemy. She's like a walking nightmare to me, shes always been trying to out ride me. But I always won.

I casually walked past her trying to make it seem like I didn't see her, but she saw.

“Hey, how's it going, Carli?” she said sounding stuck up. “I'm fine, how are you?” I tried to walk away but she grabbed my Arm with such force I spun around to face her.
“What do you want?” I asked with such shock, I was shaking.

“ I just want you to know this is my year, and you better watch your back.” She walked away and thats when I thought she was a nightmare.

Slowly walking into the stable, I saw her horse Storm watching Bird as he walked on the hotwalker. “Storm!!!” I yelled making him jump and turn around in his stall. “That's what I thought,” I whispered.

I grabbed Bird and started tacking him up when I heard a sound coming from Storm's stall.

I stopped what I was doing and walked to Storms stall. I saw him laying on the ground. “Oh my gosh he's got colicking. I have to get help!” I exclaimed.

“Tracy!” I yelled.

“ What do you want?” she asked.

“Storm is colicking!

“ What?”

We ran to Storm's stall hoping he was okay, but there he was laying there motion less.

“Storm!” Tracy cried. “No he cant be dead!” But then Storm slightly lifted his head nudging her as to say “don't cry.”

“Get a vet and hurry!” “Okay my moms a vet and shes here!” For now, try to get him to stand.

I ran to get my mom. “Mom!” I exclaimed, “Come quick! Storms sick!”

We got to the stable and Storm was up walking around. “Thank gosh” my mom replied.

Tracy ran and gave me a hug and said thank you.

“You're welcome.” And we walked out of the barn as friends.

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