Immigration Reform

November 30, 2007
By gary williams, Fdabvrq, AK

Immigration reform is a current event that finds its origins in the 18th century. Ever since the 1700s, America has allowed immigrants into their country with welcome arms. In 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed to prevent Chinese workers from immigrating. In 1917, Congress required immigrants to pass literacy tests, which assessed if immigrants were skilled enough to work in this country. The ones who failed were sent back. Then in 1924, Congress limited the number of immigrants by nationality. In 1954, Ellis Island closed, marking an end to mass immigration. Then in 1986 the Immigration Reform and Control Act forbade the hiring of illegal immigrants, but helped them become legal citizens. The big question is: why aren’t immigrants welcomed into this country, and why is the Immigration Reform and the Control Act not adapting to this world?

Many people would view immigrants as people who hurt the country. People think that immigrants are lawbreakers who steal, cheat, rape, and join gangs. People are also not sure if they are terrorists, and that they bring diseases into the country. Competing against jobs would be a problem with American citizens. Americans feel cheated that immigrants are getting jobs while they are losing them. “They believe that these immigrants are free-loaders, taking advantage of hard-working Americans. They get welfare, free medical care, and free education unfairly. The federal and state government pays billions of dollars each year in order to give education to the immigrant children,” says John Spritzler, an author of articles and a book from It is not fair to him that these immigrants get free care, taking advantage of hard working Americans who work for these personals.

One problem that America has been facing is population. America is continuing to grow. Immigrants would come to America to look for jobs and are willing to work the undesirable jobs for low wages. There were many job demanding problems that eroded during American history that turned out to become a disaster. The money these immigrants make is U.S dollars. Millions of U.S dollars would be remitted to Mexico. This was unfair to the American citizens. Spritzler also said, “What was also not fair was that these immigrants don’t assimilate to our culture by learning our language and adapting to our ways; instead they keep using their language and then demand that we accommodate to them.” Spritzler is upset due to the fact that immigrants take advantage by remaining the same and not learning new things to adapt to America, and asking for others to understand who they are and learn their culture.

Rem Macson, an author and owner of said
“Immigrants can be good to the American economy. Immigrants buy more American goods and services. They would also pay taxes like any other citizens. As these immigrants migrate into this country, the first thing they would do is look for jobs. Many low waged, tough jobs would be taken by these immigrants. The economy would be kept moving by filling low waged jobs.” What he is trying to prove is that if we are unable to find enough elitist Americans to fill the tens of millions of agricultural, custodial, construction, and other below-minimum-wage-paying jobs, then this country would not be as it is, as the economy would be poor. We will personally be responsible for picking our own lettuce and serving our own hamburger. Also, wealthy families save up money to hire themselves a maid, or a worker for their home.

Population is an issue to America as it grows bigger. Franklin D. Roosevelt (the thirty-second president of the United States from 1933-1945) once said, “Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from Immigration and revolutionists.” America has been made up because of immigrants. Preventing illegal immigrants into this country would not fix anything problems, but would prevent America from what it really is about.

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