After Life

March 29, 2012
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It's crossed our minds at one point. Or maybe multiple times. Haunts us in times of fear or worry. Blesses us if it is our loved one relieved of pain. But for some of us, just the word almost scares us into it. Death. Where will we be after? How will we be remembered? How will we go? It's the simple questions that can sometimes require the most thought.

Most of us wonder where we will end up after we die. Many hope for the "Pearly Gates", the wonderful reunion with our lost ones, and the endless happiness most of us have heard about. Or some believe that we have another chance, at another time, in a different body. Or there is the much feared and forever miserable, Hell. But whatever we believe happens at the end of our life, if it is really the end, there is the sadness of not being able to share your afterlife experience once you are gone for good.

Another question that often comes to mind at the thought of death is how we will be remembered. Will people know us for the joyful, happy being we thought we were, the money we did or didn't have, the chances we had but didn't take, or the mistakes we made? Will we be the one that spoke too much, laughed too loud, or loved too quickly? Will we be stubborn for not sharing, a flirt because we were bubbly, stupid because we didn't understand or weird because we were shy? We're all so worried about how we will be thought of when we are gone, when all that matters is that you live your life fully when you're alive.

A final question that concerns most people is how you will go. Many, I would think, hope for the peaceful death in your sleep or the simplicity of dying old and happy. But every time you get in your car, on a plane, or do anything, there is a chance of death. Be it accident or pure danger, an unplanned future could be minutes, hours, or steps away. Now, most people don't get hung up on the thought or fear of dying, but the chance is always there.

For many people, death is a scary concept. For others it is a peaceful connection with the man they have worshiped all their lives. Many people have many different beliefs and thoughts about what is going to happen when our souls leave earth. But for everyone, dying is normal, planned, bound to happen. Whatever the afterlife has in store for us; However we are remembered; Or however we go; The simple questions of death will go unanswered until it is brought upon us.

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