The Father of Our Country- George Washington

March 27, 2012
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George Washington was born on February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was the oldest of six children. George was home schooled and was very involved with the sexton church. He studied math, geography, Latin and English, which he taught later on. However, these topics were not the ones he used the rest of his life. He had a close relationship with the plantation supervisor and developed a passion for tobacco growing, raising stock and surveying. His first job was being a surveyor for Western Virginia. This brought him the interest of buying as much land as he could. From this cultivated the idea of “Manifest Destiny”.

In 1755, George Washington was given an honorary rank of colonel. Later on that year, he was made commander of the Virginian millia troops, he was only 23. Even though he had a huge military responsibility, Washington kept loving culture and wanted to expand the nation. As far as a political education, he had none. When the Constitutional Convention was taking place, George Washington used his head to write the constitution with the help of his friends. He had no expertise in leadership or politics. George was favored for a delegate in the Continental Convention because he had the military experience and the magnetism for this job. All the choices made by George were based on pure logic, and determination.

George’s cleverness always kept him ahead of his enemies. He trained for small field fighting only, however, with what he knew; he still led an entire army. With endurance, he won many battles, and required British troops to retreat. During the battles faced by the American army, George learned how important politics is in the face of war.

George’s choices made during his time as in commander in charge, all refer back to the good of humanity. Washington never made a choice that he thought would endanger his people or his country. During his entire life, one of the most important choices he made, in my opinion, is the call for independence. Without his voice telling us we can do it, we would have never done it. In addition, without his commanding of the army, Independence Day would have never existed. His persistence and his determination of defeating the British by outsmarting them, led the Nation to the thought of a Government.

The result of the Independence of America is well known. It led to a new government, a new “Supreme Law of the Land” and especially a new Nation, “… indivisible with justice for all”. George created a new union, which is now the utmost union in the world.

George’s choices for America’s independence influenced France to fight for independence also. His choices of creating a constitution, instead of governing under the Articles of Confederation made for a strong, stable, and famous government. For the reason that many liked Washington, he was called to become the first president of America. When he took office, and the Constitution came into play, together they formed an unstoppable government.

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