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March 27, 2012
By MichaelZhang PLATINUM, Guildford, Other
MichaelZhang PLATINUM, Guildford, Other
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The purpose of competition is to eliminate the competition.

Different people asked me different questions.

I meet different people everyday. The ones who believe I am “strange” and the ones who are in close friendship are all the people I talk to in my daily life. As I consider some of our discussions are value to be written and published, I write them here. The topics is my just my thinking.

Ask: As a high school student, is it necessary to concentrate a little on social problems?

Answer: Most Chinese students’ only focus is study, which is far different from western countries students’ study as it is only simulation without innovation. When Chinese students graduate from school, most of them find that they have little information about the society. It is a considerable bacteria. With more and more youngsters have no idea about the mechanism of the society’s running, Chinese people are bound to meet a trouble that the gerent of the country carry out useless policies. This is the situation of the Chinese society.

Ask: In China, many students at your age have been well-known as they learn some knowledge of astronomy, biology and other subjects and write essays for magazines on purpose, that is to say they do it for fame, to be a teen star in some subjects. I know that you have been learning astronomy since your 5, but why did you turn to pay attention to social and economic areas? Don’t you find you’re desolate when others become famous?

Answer: First of all, the purpose of learning extracurricular knowledge is just for broadening my mind regardless of being famous. Different people have different goal of their teenage time. More importantly, the muddledness of China is the consequence of short of social-proficient and economic-proficient people while are full of the ones who are interested in various subjects but no creative actions. Turning to economic areas benefits the nation more.

Ask: You write many articles criticizing the problems of your country, are you unpatriotic?

Answer: If you believe criticizing is a mark of unpatriotic, you must be a conventional Chinese one considering always praising is a nation-loved action. Without correction, the country will fall into a dark way not knowing right directions. Traditional Chinese people think a nation-loved person should always show the advantages of the country, even the foibles should be argued as a bright ones. You can see people in development countries often start protest march to criticize the policies of the states. Can you say they are unpatriotic? Criticizing the government means that people are still believe in it because people the government can make correct decisions in the future.

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