Anything's Possible

March 26, 2012
It's warm, being like this. Not the asphyxiated kind of warmth, like having to sit in a car, baking, with no air conditioning. The kind of warmth you only experience whilst in someone's arms. And not just anyone's arms: the person you love.
As we lay in the dark of the room, my mind wanders to what it was like back then. How I barely knew you, but thought about you all the time. How we had so much fun together doing absolutely nothing. I had always died to know what was going through your head as well. I wanted you to dig deep down past your impenetrable outer shell and tell me your fears, your hopes, things that made your life exciting. I wanted to know it all.
But I knew I couldn't push you. I'm a very inpatient person, but for you, I could wait as long as you needed me too.
Now, one and a half months later, you've let me in like an open door, me being the summer breeze that you close your eyes and smile to when I pass by. I feel like I've known you forever. How can one person make so much of a difference?
Every touch, every look, every word you say, it all changes how I feel or think. We are two different people, like you being the Earth and I am your satellite, revolving around you. I cannot seem to detach from your gravitational pull.
You are my stars at night. No, you're better. You've helped me rebuild myself, find happiness that no one else can present to me. I can trust everything you say and do and I regret nothing. You are my everything, and with everything comes joy. And with joy, anything's possible.

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