Community Service

March 20, 2012
By Anonymous

I can remember the time when I did community service for my school. It was very fun to just help out and know that what I am doing is really nice for everyone. Every year, every student in the school has to take enrichment classes. I took community service. I knew that people just sign up for that class so they can talk, but me? I can help out anywhere and anytime. So, obviously, I got selected for the class and I started immediately. I knew what the teacher expected out of me, and I had to fulfill that.

In school, I am considered (or called) the helper. Whether it is staying after class and helping the teacher or it is cleaning up trash on the street, I know how to volunteer. So, in my enrichment class, my teacher, Mrs. Perez always knew that I was the girl who wanted to help, while the others just wanted to talk and think of it as the hangout period. I knew that this class had requirements for helping others and helping the school become a better place. So, I made posters for how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. In fact, I got a few other kids from the class to help me make the posters. I met so many students who were willing to help out. I put up these posters on every floor and wherever I saw a garbage can. This helped motivate the students to recycle. Now, they even clean up the hallways wherever they see trash, even though some of the trash is not recyclable. I’m just happy to know that I helped students become better on cleaning the school.

In my school, another form of community service is helping the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes. This includes first and second grades as well. I am in eighth grade now, but I have been in this school from pre-k. I have been helping pre-k classes from when I was in fifth grade. This year, I have moved on to helping a kindergarten class. I love this mini job very much. I take out time from my own lunch to go help the class. I know that the teacher is new and she is need of help, so to make extra time, I go to the class during my lunch and free gym periods (also known as P.E. class). I love helping small children learn the ABC’s or how to count to one-hundred. I enjoy every minute of it. I just love to help out whenever I can. I really like the fact that I can help young students in a way that they will never forget.

Lastly, I have won/received many awards because of my help to the school. I have been accepted into the Honor Society. That special program requires twenty hours of community service, while I did over ninety hours. I have been recognized at school assemblies, and I have won a few certificates from fifth grade. I love to help, every time of the day. I don’t care how much I’m tired, but I can put the best effort forward and actually win something nice. I know that this isn’t the biggest form of community service, but because of this, I will become more experienced and volunteer my time at libraries or stores, maybe even charities if I get the chance! But for now, I am going to stick to doing community service in school. Little things can make the biggest difference!

The author's comments:
I wrote this essay because I really like doing community service all the time. I love helping anytime. I got inspired from my teacher who always encourages me to help. I hope that after people read my piece, they will help more in charities that involve helping.

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