New Lockers??

March 14, 2012
By Teagan White BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Teagan White BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Imagine you have a short locker and you have all your school stuff, backpack and your softball bag. It all wouldn't fit right? So then you’ll have to ask a friend if you can put some of your stuff in their locker. Your probably thing, “Yeah so? I’ll get it at the end of the day.” However your friend might leave early or forget about it. There’s all these possibilities of what could happen. Wouldn’t it be easier if all lockers were tall? and making them a little bit wider so all of that wouldn’t happen.

When you play sports that involve you bringing a big bag it doesn’t fit in your locker very well. Also you can’t put it in a classroom because, if the teacher leaves you can’t really trust middle school students. With the short lockers there’s not enough space between the top and the shelf bar. When all of the binders are there you have to put them on a slant. Sometimes i would have to take stuff out of my bag so that it’ll fit in the locker. Then at the end of the day I’d have to put it back in the bag. Talk about annoying!

Lets face it these lockers are old! They are all rusty. They get jammed very easily with a back sting caught in it.Many don’t even close all the way. Thee locker will be half open and half closed. Sometimes they won’t open all the way at the bottom. Therefore you have to rip it open to open your locker. Many people have troubles opening their lockers too.

We need to space the lockers out more, like add more metal gaps. While walking down the hall imagine getting pushed when you have everything in your hands. When you finally get to your locker its so crowded people are leaning on you and pushing you. Some people close your locker on accident when you open it because its so hard to moved around, with 6 people within a yard.

I understand it’ll probably cost a ton but that's what fundraising is for. In addition to you can save up for a few years for it. I understand it may take too long, because you have to rip out all the lockers then replace them. Plus it could cut into school time.

Lets face it we just need new lockers! they are rusty, don’t open and what’s up with the green lockers?! Since when were our school colors green? I understand that it’ll probably cost a lot, but fundraisers and save up. At the same time it might cut into school time, but start right after the school year. Our lockers aren’t the best we need better ones.

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