Stopping Budget Cuts

March 14, 2012
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Has your favorite school sport ever been canceled because of budget cuts? This is happening nationwide because the government is using the money from schools to pay off America’s debt. Schools have less money and are forced to cut the budget by removing sports and relieving teachers and staff of their jobs. This is angering students, teachers, staff, and coaches all over and it must be stopped. Surely there are other ways to get the money to pay off debt.

First of all, if budget cuts were stopped, the sports that got cut would return. This would result in happier students and coaches. Plus, students who played those sports would need to keep grades up to stay eligible for that sport, so they would be encouraged to do better in school. Students who play sports also have more of a chance of getting a scholarship in the future to a good collage which would increase that student’s chances of getting a good career later on in life and becoming successful.

Another good thing that could come of stopping budget cuts would be better school supplies. They would have more money to spend on things like up-to-date computers or smartboards. this would give the students a more efficient learning experience and would give them a better future. New school supplies would also make students happier and school less boring to them, which would result in a larger attendance, which in turn means more income for the school.

Thirdly, schools will have more money to spend on other things. Such as field trips or really anything else the school needs or wants to do. Field trips or job shadows can be a good way to give students a better idea of what they want to do in their future so they can take the appropriate classes to pursue that career. Necessities for running a school can also be purchased with the extra money, things such as markers, pencils, whiteboards, and textbooks. Extra money can always be useful when running a successful school.

You may say that the Government needs that money from schools to pay off debt. Consider how schools need that money to improve their student’s learning experience. Resulting in a better chance of those students to get better careers later on in life, which would eventually bring more money into the country, which could then pay off debts. There also must be some other way to generate money to pay off debts, perhaps halting the manufacturing of pennys, which would save a lot of money because it cost more than 1 cent to make a penny.

In closing, budget cuts shouldn’t be necessary. The government could make more money if they didn’t use the school’s money to pay off debts. Surely students would agree. Budget cuts remove valuable learning resources from schools and must be stopped.

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