Strings or No Strings

March 14, 2012
By melodies BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
melodies BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Normally, schools have a concert band, but they never have a string ensemble. I think having a string ensemble in schools for students will be able to change their school lives. Plus, it could make schools better in some ways. So, I believe that all schools from middle to high should have a string ensemble.

A string ensemble could help students majorly if they were to join. And I know for sure that this will change the future of the students involved. There are a good amount of jobs that can be found if you know how to play a strings instrument. So with a string ensemble in schools it could land them a job in their future lives. It could also become a good past time, which could erase all kinds of stress that is press on one’s shoulders. And if students were to join a string ensemble they could have more friends than they had before when they weren’t in this band. They might be surprised who they meet, and I know that they wouldn’t have thought that they might become friends in the future. Meeting new people is always a good thing, and it could help students in their college lives. Well, at least when it comes to renting an apartment it would be nice to have a room mate, then you just have to pay half the bill. Then, it will also come in handy when you need to study for something important; you would have at least one study buddy. With the help of a string ensemble it could greatly impact the future lives of students.

A string ensemble could also teach students responsibility. So, when they have their instrument they would have to take care of it. And if they take care of it then they won’t have to take it to the shop to get repaired. Which would save them a lot of money in the long run. Also, students would have to practice for performances. So, a big weight would be placed on their shoulders to do what they have to in order to be successful, and to try their hardest. The students would have have determination and compassion for doing something new, such as trying a new instrument. A string ensemble would teach students what it really takes to be responsible, and to do things themselves.

When schools have a string ensemble students will have a chance to try something new. So, instead of doing their usual hobbies they will get the chance to find a new one. Also, when they learn a new thing they will be happy that they tried it. You can never know if you like something unless you don’t attempt it at least a few times. Plus, when students are given the opportunity they don’t always take it unless pressured to do it by an adult. When a student tries it they are most likely going to love it, so I don’t see why they are so scared to do it if it’s something they might enjoy. If they try something new it will give them the confidence to try some other new things. And they aren’t normally things they would see themselves doing. So with a string ensemble in schools it will get students into trying new things.

Yet some people will oppose the thought of a string ensemble in schools. I think the main reason for this idea is money. You’d have to buy instruments, music to play, when the instruments get damaged they’ll need to be repaired, and you’d have to pay the teachers that will be in charge. And why have another band when you already have one at almost all schools? Plus you’d need lots of equipment for the band like chairs, music stands, and other essentials. Normally schools have lots of teachers, and then you’d have to hire one or two more for the string ensemble. Then there would be more teachers to pay than usual which could become disastrous. With the thought of money stuck inside some peoples heads they won’t want a string ensemble in their schools.

I believe that middle and high schools should have a string ensemble. They teach students what it means to be responsible. It could help students get farther in their futures; such as getting a job. And that it will give students a chance to try something new. So I think middle and high schools should have a string ensemble.

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