Bags allowed in school

March 14, 2012
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When a student doesn’t bring a bag to class they could forget something. A teacher could send them to SRC and that could be their fourth SRC and they could go to Saturday school and their parents could ground them. If he/she is grounded they couldn’t do an essay and the end of the marking period was the day it was due. The essay could be worth 90% of their grade and they could fail. If they were a senior and it was the last marking period they would fail the class and that would bring down their GPA. They wouldn’t be able to go to a good college. Then they couldn’t find a job and they would be living in their mother’s basement for the rest of their life. That is why bags should be allowed in class.

Another reason students should be able to bring bags them so they don’t lose anything. They could easily forget something in their locker and the scenario above could happen to them. Students are expected to bring a lot of stuff to class and it’s hard to keep it from falling out of their hands. If they have a bag they are much better organized and have better grades. A college professor said that being organized helps you multi task and keep everything together.

Also a few bad students shouldn’t ruin it for the rest of them. Most students are good kids and will not misuse bags. It’s a punishment to students not to bring them because the risk is so small of anything bad being in the bags. Also the media over exaggerates everything. Even the few cases I have heard that happened aren’t that big of a deal.

The students won’t drop anything if you have a bag. It’s easy to get bumped in the busy halls full of students and easily drop everything. Students could lose their homework and the scenario above could happen to them, and we all know we don’t need more people living in their mother’s basement. Also it would be easier to keep books in good condition if students had a bag to keep them in. Without a bag it would be easier to drop a book and it could get stepped on and ruined. Which the school would make you pay for the book and most families at Northview can’t afford it in this economy.

The superintendent may say it’s easier to conceal things that aren’t allowed in school. I can see that could be an issue. But this is Northview, who would bring a weapon to school? There are a couple incidents of issues between students a year but none of them involve weapons. Most are fights that started as horseplay that got out of control. When the students let their anger get the best of them.

Students should be allowed to bring bags to class so they don’t end up living in their mother’s basement. Students at Northview don’t want to feel punished by the actions of students at other schools. We should show Northview Public Schools that we are responsible enough to bring bags to class. A lot of students have had to go out and buy trappers instead of using a bag that they already have for sports.

My fellow Northviewians, we need to start a bag revolution and stop punishing good kids.

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