Joining the Club

March 8, 2012
I often find that people are lying, deceiving, pieces of crap who do everything for nothing and nothing for everything. And everything and nothing are love. Love. What a word. How can those four letters arranged in such a fashion mean so many different thing to different people? Especially one day to the other; one day I love you, but the next I love things you do. Most people are like that, including myself. It's rare that you ever find someone who is so straight forward, and honest, and just overall giving that they could actually love you unconditionally. Every fiber of their being dying to be near you without harming you. There comes a point where you're so close to them that you begin to damage them. You mere presence causing them pain. Just the thought of you making them flinch. There is a very thing line between hurt and help. When you love someone, you would do anything to be with them, anything to help them, even if it meant removing you from the picture. When you think you love someone, you find yourself so attached that you simply cant leave them. You say that you'd do anything for them, but your just a lying piece of crap like the rest of us. Welcome to the club. There are many here that have been expecting you. They've heard about your story, one so very different from the others. We can't wait for you to tell it. 

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