March 2, 2012
By Cameron Webster BRONZE, Maplewood, Missouri
Cameron Webster BRONZE, Maplewood, Missouri
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My love for shoes is unexplainable. There are so many different kinds of shoes out in the world. Most you or I have never heard of. No two shoes are the same. They each have a different sole. The things that draw me to shoes are all the different materials that go into one shoe.

There’s no real reason to explain my love for shoes, I have always kind of had a thing for shoes, ever since 5th grade. I used to be into a lot of skateboarding shoes just because I liked the shape of the shoes and they were different than what I would usually wear. Like I said before the materials always just popped for me. The suede, leather, nubuc, and the nylon just stimulates my eye. When you look at a shoe you look at it as a whole, right? Well when I look at a shoe I see every switch of material and every little stitch. Every shoes is stitched differently, the way the stitch runs or how little the stitch is really can make or break a shoe for me. After I grew out of my “skater” stage I started to become more of a sneakerhead. Yes there is a difference from a sneaker and any other type of shoe. I just started to mature as a sneakerhead and see the shoes I was really into.

The kind of shoes that I am interested in range from sneakers to loafers. Sneakers just really bring me in with all the different leather-nylon contrast and color ways. Some of favorite brands of shoes are Nike, Air Jordan, Bape, Louis Vuittion, Adidas, and Charles Louboutin. Air Jordan would probably have to be my favorite kind of shoe. Even though the price of the shoes I like are way out of my price range, I still manage to cop.

There are so many different types of Air Jordan’s. They started creating Jordan’s in 1985. They started making shoes for Michael Jordan to wear during his career. They originally made 23 different shoes because Michael Jordan’s number was 23. My favorite Jordan’s would probably be the 11’s. They are a nice high to mid top shoe. They have a real nice nylon upper that really gives a contrast to the paten leather midsole. There are so many different color ways of each Jordan. The Air Jordan brand gives a lot of variety when it comes to color, shapes, and designs.

Its amazing how many kind of shoes are out in the world. There are different shoes for every occasion a dance, meeting, sporting event, date, anything you can think of I can find a shoe to wear. When I look for shoes I look for something different. If you look at my shoes, none of them look the same as any of my other ones or anybody else's. I don’t want to just buy shoes everyone thinks are cool. I want to buy shoes that I think are cool, I don’t care if they are ugly to anybody, I don’t care if they don’t fit my look, if they look cool to me then I’m going to wear them. That being said, my love for shoes is unexplainable. No one will understand my love for shoes besides my fellow sneakerheads.

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