March 2, 2012
By BrittSymone BRONZE, Saint Louis, Missouri
BrittSymone BRONZE, Saint Louis, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"If you really want to do it, you do it. There are no excuses."
"Never Assume What You Don't Know, And Know What You Assume"
“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

In life, your As much as we may fantasize about being carefree, the truth is that behaving responsibly adds meaning to your life, gives you a feeling of independence and confidence.

For some, responsibility is a big job and for some..a piece of cake. Responsibility doesn’t always come from your parents (or anyone) telling you to do something, it’s having the will or mindset to do it on your own, like homework or cleaning your room just to name a few. Everyday even in little ways, I see the how people take responsibility for their actions, but then I see some who don’t.

An example of that is when I or someone has to repeat themselves constantly, when they shouldn’t have to. For example, our teachers,, everyday, puts on the smart-board the agenda for today and for the rest of the week. It’s on D2L and its right in our faces, yet someone will ask, “What are we doing today,” even though it’s posted right on the board. The bad part is, after the teacher answers the question, another student asks the same question. Now he/she has to repeat his self again even though he already answered it and even though its on the board. Or maybe I’m just overreacting?

Another example that is irresponsible is when kids in class are being naive or immature. For a couple weeks in my English class, we were discussing the famous paintings of Picasso. Picasso, has all different types of paintings from happy, sad, disfigured, or what some may call inappropriate. All of those types of pictures were put on display so we could write, talk, or learn about it; yet there never comes a time when the teacher can easily display a painting with someone making a brainless and futile comments such as whistling or pointing the painting censored parts.

My last pet peeve is when a person doesn’t take responsibility for their actions. They blame everything that’s wrong with them on someone else as if they’re somehow perfect. At my school, we receive laptops that are included in our education. And although the laptops may sometimes have something wrong with them, kids always blame not doing there homework on the computer. Example 1. In one of my classes there is a big project due, worth over 200 points. Before we even start the project our teacher suggests that we need to do the project on paper and if we choose to do it on the computer, that we save as much as possible, email it or save it a jump drive. She always explains that if something were to happen to our computers during the time we are suppose to turn it in, that it is not her problem and you will receive a zero, because she does not accept late work. We have over 3 weeks to write, print, or draw the project and everyday she would explain the guidelines so there wouldn’t be any surprises. Well, the last final days are coming around and a student in the class decides to this project 2 days before it was due . . . . on the computer. The day it was due, the student comes in the classroom explaining how her computer died while she was doing her project and how he/she at the very end when it happened. The teacher calmly said “Okay, I guess you have to take a zero.” Of course, the student begged and pleaded not to do so, but she did. I feel that this is where responsibility comes in. The student clearly didn’t take any precautions as to saving the project or writing it out on paper and blaming the teacher or blaming the computer wasn’t, in any-way-shape-or-form going to bring the project back. IF this student had to taken responsibility in doing what the teacher suggested and started early, saved as much as possible, or did the project on the paper, this would have never happened.

In conclusion, I cannot say that I take responsibility for all my actions all the time, so I can’t judge anyone. No one is perfect, but then again no one is stupid. There isn’t any good reason for a bad action, just excuses.

The author's comments:
Just a few things I see in high school, basically..................excuses.

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