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March 2, 2012
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Of all places on Earth, the most bountiful and biologically diverse place is the rainforest. Containing more than half of the world’s species of plant, animals, and microorganisms, the rainforest is the largest and most complex ecosystem in existence. It is probably the greatest gift of the entire world

Even though the rainforest is a biological treasure and should be taken care of, it is being destroyed every single day. Deforestation is dramatically affecting the rainforest and has to be put to an end or the rainforest could be completely wiped out. The rain forest used to cover about 15% of the world, but due to deforestation it now only covers about 6%. About one and a half acres of rainforest is torn down every second and if it continues at this rate the rainforest will be gone in about 40 years. Large car companies, farmers looking to clear land, and loggers are ruthlessly ripping apart this beautiful wonder and don’t even care about the consequences that are affecting the world every single day.

About 137 plant and animal species are lost daily due to deforestation. About 50,000 species are becoming extinct every year due to the brutal deforestation of the rainforest. The rainforest is the most bountiful place on earth. It holds about 3000 species of fruits, which if they were harvested correctly could nearly put world hunger to an end, but this number is diminishing. While plants and animals are being destroyed the balance of the entire rainforest is being ruined. The rainforest is the most delicate environment in the world and by destroying species of plants and animals it is throwing off this balance. Due to interdependence and its key role in the rainforest, if species are killed by deforestation, then other species will die out because they are interdependent on the species that no longer exists. If the Agouti rat is driven to extinction by deforestation, then the Brazil nut tree will also die out, and therefor every creature that lives in or feeds off of the products of the tree will also die. We may not realize it, but by destroying one small part of this complex ecosystem we are causing a chain reaction that could destroy so much more.

Destroying the rainforest is not only depriving us of one of the world’s most beautiful wonders, but also of the oxygen that is sustaining life on this entire planet. The Amazon rainforest alone produces 20% of the entire world’s oxygen. Destroying the plants and animals of the rainforest is also stopping us from making medical breakthroughs. Cures for deadly diseases such as viruses, infections, and even cancer and AIDS are said to be in the rainforest, but lie undiscovered. The rainforest plant periwinkle is one of the strongest anti-cancer drugs in the world and will be destroyed unless deforestation stops. Only about 1% of rainforest plants have been tested for cures and many more are waiting to be discovered. More than 100 prescription drugs sold around the world also come from rainforest plant sources. The drug that has reduced the death rate of children with leukemia from 80% to 20% can only be found in the rainforest and if destruction of it continues we will lose this amazing drug. I and many others think it is sick that these large companies would rather make money then save the lives of many people across the planet including the children that will be the very future of this world. Due to the interdependence of the rainforest this plant could also die out from us destroying other species of plants and animals of the rainforest. Ultimately by destroying the rainforest we are lowering the quality of life across the planet.

By knocking down the trees of the rainforest the thick canopy is being destroyed. When this thick canopy is destroyed, the wet, moist land becomes much drier and is not as fertile as it could have been, killing off many of these wonderful things that could be put to such great use. Since 90% of all species of plants and animals live in the thick canopy of the forest, many of them are killed not by the natural balance of the forest being altered, but because their homes are destroyed and they are left out in the bare land to die.

Some people just don’t understand that all of these plants and animals are precious gifts that will never be brought back once they are gone. Biologists have come up with multiple reasons why deforestation should end and the large companies doing the damage don’t even care. If we could just learn the ways of the rainforest and work with it by harvesting its fruits and plants we could do so many great things in the world and preserve it, but because of the evil that is brutally tearing all of this down this may be realized too late.

As a result of all of this our entire planet is being punished and deprived of things necessary for life. Deforestation should be put to an end to preserve our precious gift on our planet that is the biological treasure called the rainforest.

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