How to Survive in Colorado

March 1, 2012
Hide a bike, use a kayak, have a backpack; be nice, really nice, hippie nice; everything is chill man, nothing’s a big deal; lay in the grass, read a book, take walks in the woods all alone to think; tell people about it; don’t tell anyone; write about it; paint it; release your soul through splashes of creativity, streams of open eyes; flow ideas from one’s self to another; trade ideas and ideologies and theories and stories and thoughts; appreciate diversity; personalities are special because each one is different; that tattoo is no problem, it’s chill man; body modifications do not change a person’s character; have an open mind; make friends with the girl with truly red hair, the boy with huge gages, the girl with a tattoo sleeve, the boy with a Mohawk, the girl with a car to get to the mountains, the boy with the lodge and skis to spare, the girl who knows the secret trails, the boy who will get you safely through the rapids; don’t worry, everything will work out; it’s chill man; but don’t get wrapped up in your own mind turned by ever-present toxins; you must still make it out alive.

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