Is Mothers' Day Really Just Some Money-making Scheme?

March 1, 2012
By BriBri666 BRONZE, Bellingham, Massachusetts
BriBri666 BRONZE, Bellingham, Massachusetts
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Have you ever stopped to think why Mothers' Day is so important? If asked this question, most would likely respond with an answer such as "To celebrate everything a mother has done for their children,". But if you really stopped to think about how much money is spent between flowers, boxes of chocolates and cards, you may realize that Mothers' Day might just be a money making scheme for large companies such as Hallmark or smaller flower companies.

The importance of Mothers' Day is to thank our moms for everything they have sacrificed in their own lives to help us to have a better life than they did. This holiday is celebrated on May thirteenth. The idea of Mother's Day was first started in the early 1900s by a woman who's mother had died and wanted to celebrate the memory of her mother. This woman wanted to show her deceased mother that, assuming the mother's spirit was watching, she was stilled loved and would further be remembered. After this woman made her proposal, the idea of Mothers' Day became a reality.

Many of us, without realizing, may not show our mother the love and respect she rightfully deserves. I would have to bet that about 99% of all teenagers tend to get into fights with their mother daily; sometimes without realizing it. Mothers' Day is the one day of the year where mothers are truly acknowledged for all the work they have done. On this day, teens should try to be kinder to their mothers. Mothers' Day, for some, may exist so that they can take a step back and honor their mother, rightfully.

On the other hand, Mothers' Day could also be considered a way to make extra money for some large companies. Usually on Mothers' Day, everyone goes out to buy cards, boxes of chocolates, and a nice bouquet of flowers. This, however, does have a cost. Big companies that sell cards, like Hallmark, probably make more money around the time of Mothers' Day than they make on an average day. Although a simple card may not cost much, when you have millions of people buying them, the earnings do add up. Nowadays, they have cards that sing and can record your voice. These cards tend to cost a little more than just the an average card does; also making some extra earnings.

The same can apply to boxes of chocolates. Simple stores that sell boxes of chocolates also make extra earnings. A store such as Wal-Mart could sell cheap boxes of chocolate, but still make a good amount of money. This is also because of the millions of people buying boxes of chocolates to give to their mothers. Most boxes of chocolates are heart shaped and have words and designs on the cover of the box. Companies use this trick to attract the eye of the costumer into buying their box of chocolates to make money.

Although cards and boxes of chocolates can add up to a lot of money, the bulk of the Mothers' Day spending usually comes from buying a bouquet of flowers. A good bouquet of flowers ranges from $19.99 and up. These bouquets usually include more expensive flowers, though adding up to be costly. Flowers companies depend on holidays like Mothers' Day to earn money. This is because they might not receive as much business on an average day. Also, flower companies tend to add attractive deals such as "%10 off your next purchase of flowers." which attracts the eye of a costumer to buy a normally expensive flower arrangement, ten dollars cheaper.

Most people would argue that Mothers' Day is a truly solemn day meant to honor and thank our moms for any sacrifices they have made for us. Others, though, could argue that companies thrive because of this holiday on the purchases of cards, chocolates, and bouquets of flowers.

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Carlitos said...
on May. 14 2017 at 11:30 am
I would say we should celebrate and appreciate our mother's everyday, not just one day a year:)

on Dec. 9 2014 at 9:46 am
mother need a break from kids


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