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March 1, 2012
By JazmineHern BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
JazmineHern BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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Lady GaGa once said, “It’s about the music but it’s also about the story.” Growing up, Lady GaGa just seemed like the usual kid no one ever thought that she’d be making history. She hasn’t been a big hit for that long like other artists. But in the little time she’s had in the spotlight, she’s changed many things, things that others thought were impossible to do. She’s a huge success all over the world with her unique ways. GaGa has and still is a great role model; she could care less about what people say about her. She loves who she is and the way she is and she has not hesitated to show it. Regardless of what others think and say, she has accomplished a lot and shows no signs of slowing down.
On March 28, 1986, in New York City Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta rushed to the hospital to give birth to their daughter Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Little did they know that their daughter would one day become the most diverse performer, singer and songwriter known to future generations. Growing up she was the one child that everyone always thought of as a freak, “I was always a weird girl in school, who did theatre and came to school with lots of red lipstick on or my hair perfectly curled” (Hiatt). After high school she attended the University Tisch School of the Arts, but her sophomore year she withdrew and tried to focus on her music. Eventually she started a band, Stefani Germanotta Band (SGBand), and they played music in small bars on the lower east side of New York. Soon they caught the attention of music producer Joe Vulpis. For some time they were making small sales and hoping to get a wider range of fans, but soon the band broke up due to GaGa leaving for a chance to be the lead singer in another band that Rob Fusari, a music producer, was forming. During that time it is that Stefani found and established her stage name, Lady GaGa. It came from Queen’s song “Radio GaGa” once she heard Lady GaGa she stated, “That’s it, don’t ever call me Stefani again.” (GaGa in Slomowicz) Although in the end it didn’t work out with Fusari, GaGa refused to give up and she continued to make music.
GaGa’s dedication paid off, she never once gave up and all her unsuccessful tries in the music business only inspired her music more. In 2007, GaGa caught a break. A man by the name Vincent Herbert saw potential in her and quickly singed her to his music label, Streamline Records, where she started writing for big name artists such as Britney Spears, New Kids on the Block, Fergie, and the Pussycat Dolls. In 2008, GaGa moved to Los Angeles to continue working with her record label and try to complete her debut album. Soon after she released it Lady GaGa became an instant hit and everyone knew who she was. Her album The Fame has sold over twelve million copies worldwide. GaGa was moving fast, in 2009 her second album was released, The Fame Monster it was also another instant success. Also during that time GaGa held a six-month worldwide tour and from the success that came from her album and tour she was able to hold another worldwide tour that would run for one and a half years. This second tour, The Monster Ball Tour was a great success that grossed 227.4 million dollars which made it one of the highest- grossing concert tours of all times. Lady GaGa didn’t and still doesn’t know the meaning of slowing down, “When I am not on stage I feel dead, whether or not that is healthy or not to you, or healthy or not to anyone, or a doctor, is really of no concern to me. I don’t feel alive unless I’m performing, and that’s just the way I was born” (Hiatt). Recently, she has released a third album, Born This Way, in which she reveals truths about her life and the music industry. The music industry didn’t accept her with open arms instead they criticized her for the little things she said, did, and wore, “Being myself in public was very difficult, I was being poked and probed and people would actually touch me and touch my clothes and be like, ‘What the f*** is that,’ just so awful. It was like I was being bullied by music lovers, because they couldn’t possibly believe that I was genuine” (Hiatt). Throughout all her success Lady GaGa did what she thought was right, she followed her heart and her fans.
GaGa’s genuine personality has been a big part of her success; no matter how long she performs or how much she sells, she doesn’t change. Everything she does, she does it for her fans; she truly feels that they are her success without them she wouldn’t be where she’s at today, “’I would just want to say thank you, I love you, I appreciate so much the support that you all given me. You, listeners, the ones who found me first are, I believe, the future of great art thinkers.’” (GaGa in Slomowicz) GaGa has done a lot more than just show her true self to her fans but she’s also given a lot back. In 2011 GaGa started her own non-profit organization , Born This Way Foundation, that focuses on youth empowerment and issues like self-confidence, well-being, anti-bullying, mentoring and career development. GaGa has also helped in various relief efforts for natural disasters, contributes to fight against HIV and AIDS and she has also fought against the Arizona Immigration Laws. Lady GaGa has given so much to her fans and she doesn’t just treat them as a way to gain profit, she treats them as the people that they are and gives them the respect and acknowledgement that they deserve, “They are part of my person, they are so much of my person. They’re at least fifty percent, if not more” (Hiatt). Lady GaGa is close to her audience and she does as much as she can to help them and teach them that they shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are.
Lady GaGa sets the bar high for other performers, she is her own person, she wears her own style and acts the way she wants to. GaGa has changed not only the music industry but also the world. GaGa has broken top music records while still holding on to what really made her, her fans. Her fans are a great part of her success, and unlike other performers she doesn’t push them off to the side. Lady GaGa proves that her fans mean everything to her and that she’d do what she can to help them. To put it in simple words GaGa has been one of the best role models that this generation has encountered.

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