February 21, 2012
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“ This is survival here and we do what we need to do to survive! “

Unwind by Neal Shusterman was a very good book it keeps you thinking. It also makes you feel as if you were in the book and that you could feel the emotions that the characters were feeling like when Connor was writing a letter to his parents I could feel how he was hurting. What I found interesting about this book was the whole unwind thing. Like how other people could have a part of you and think the same as you would . What I learned about life from the novel was that we can learn how to survive.
The reason why I say that is because most of the book was about the unwinds journey of surviving like how to get food.When Cy-Fy and Lev had to get food and Cy-Fy flirted with one of the girls at the counter to get left over food. I think that was a good way to survive.
Also how this book taught us about survival is how to not get caught by the police. An example of that would be when Connor, Risa, and Lev saw a school bus and a police car and they acted like they were one of the students getting on the on the bus to blend in.
Also it teaches us to survive by not being afraid of anything and to take risk’s. For example when Dalton had a plan to jump off the roof just before he turns eighteen so he can get away.
Lastly how this book taught us how we can survive is by not being selfish. An example, of that would be how Roland had told on Risa and Connor and the other unwinds and he ended up getting caught also.

This book was a very good book. It kept me focused on it and it taught me not only to survive but many other things like how to appreciate things in life and that life isn’t always fair.. I am Looking forward to seeing more books from Neal Shusterman very soon.

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