Hectic Night?

February 20, 2012
“Mr. Saltzman, I honestly cannot take the test tomorrow; can I take it on Monday?’ I asked.

“Justin, I have given the class one week to study for this history test; why must you get an extension?” Mr. Saltzman replied.

“Mr. Saltzman, I know you are lenient when it comes to time for preparing for tests and quizzes, but I have been extremely busy practicing for the championship basketball game, and it’s right after school till 5:30pm, then my grandma’s birthday party at 6pm; she’s turning 75yrs old, and I really would hate, to not be there on her special night. I really would like to get a good grade on this test.” I answered.

“I’m very sorry Justin, I cannot give you an extension; I hope you understand that certain things in life are more important than others, but it’s your decision to decide that.” Mr. Saltzman explained.

I had history first period, and since then I started to feel down. My stamina was all gone. Fifth period came, and I headed to basketball practice. Coach Butler noticed that I was looking pale and was not playing to the best of my ability, considering that I was team captain. Coach Butler is always there for his team; his corny pep talks always made me smile.

“Bieber? Bieber, where are you?” Coach Butler roared.

“I’m right here coach.” I mumbled.

“Justin what’s the matter with you? You’re playing like if you were that 7yr old boy in 2001, who didn’t know how to dribble a ball. I know something is wrong, because you are a monster on the court and today you are like a little ant that is afraid to slip and fall. Son, whatever is on your mind, I am here for you and Ryan is your good friend who considers you a brother, so I consider you a son! Justin anything you need to talk about, feel free to speak with me.” Coach Butler said.

I explained everything to Coach Butler; I told him about my Grandma’s birthday party, my history test and our championship basketball game. Coach tried to give me beneficial advice, but ended up saying “Justin you need to decide what is important.” I appreciated his help, but I wish he had said what to do.

After basketball practice, I roamed the halls till I made my way to the café. I sat with my friends, Ryan, Chaz, Nolan, Mitch, Jake, and Derek. Coach Butler told my friends, who were all on the basketball team, that I wasn’t doing well, and to try and make me feel better. I tried to cooperate. We talked about everything; from God to girls!

“Ryan and I were thinking about helping you study for the test tomorrow, even though of your hectic schedule.” Chaz proposed.

I agreed to them helping me study. I inquired some more about how and when. They said since both their families were invited to my Grandma’s birthday party, we can enjoy ourselves for about 20mins, and then use the study, to study. It was a brilliant idea! I would be less on edge; I’ll play my best and hopefully lead my team to victory, also I would have a better chance at acing the history test.

After the 2:45pm bell rang, which dismissed the school, I walked proudly into the gym. My eyes were glistening, with all the Sun light beaming through the shades in the gym. I had such a good feeling that we were going to win the game! I met my teammates in the locker room and went over some plays.

We played, and played till the timer was down to seven seconds in the second half. Chaz passed the ball to Ryan, who then passed the ball to me and when I made that three point shot, I led my team to victory just as planned; the score was 47-30.

My parents, grandparents, and family friends ran out on to the court to praise my team and myself! I felt great! I hope I feel just as good tomorrow during my test. As the Butlers’, Somers’, Murrays’, Reeds’, Nears’, Cavens’ and my family all said our “byes” and “congratulations”. The Butlers’, Somers’ and my family all drove out together since we were all going to my Grandmas birthday party.

When we arrived at the party, we all ate the different appetizers and had fancy drinks, then danced a little. After all the fun Ryan, Chaz, and I headed to the study and studied. I knew lots of it, but I was still struggling.
By the time the clock ticked its way to 7:15pm I knew everything in the review. I was ready to be tested the next morning.

Everyone left around 9pm; my friends’ families and my family ended up leaving at 9:45pmish. My family thanked Ryan and Chaz for helping me, and then left.

After all the fun and determination for one night, I crawled into bed and quickly dozed away.

The next morning I woke bright and early, reviewed the study guide one last time while having breakfast, and I was felt great!

I walked into first period and was ready to take the test. I took it; since I finished my test early, Mr. Saltzman had a little extra time to grade it and showed me my excellent grade of a 97%. I was thrilled.

I was shocked! I won the championship basketball game, had a great time at Grandma’s party; where I studied and as a result, I aced my history test! Can my life get any better? Well it can’t…I already have the greatest friends and the most supportive family!

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