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February 20, 2012
Back in the “Good-Old days” pregnancy was shamed upon unless you were married, now it’s the complete opposite. No matter what public high school you walk into, there is idlest one pregnant teenager in each grade. It’s actually kind of sad. What kind of example are we giving our future generations? We should be trying to make the younger people look up to us and want to be like us, not want to go out and have a child at a young age. It’s pretty much like a baby having a baby.

We should enjoy having our first child, experience the joys of being a mother, but having a child gives you other things to worry about. You have your education you have to accomplish, you have goals in life and it all falls apart when you have a child while you are in school. When I walk around Huntington North, I don’t want to see pregnant teens, I don’t want to be in class with pregnant teens. It’s not the fact their pregnant that bothers me it’s the fact that they are just walking around the school showing off their humongous stomachs. Is being a teen mom really something you want to show off and brag about?

What do you think people say about our school system? I’m sure they don’t have anything good to say when it comes to the fact we have the highest pregnancy rate in Indiana. I want to go to a school where people are proud to be a student there, but instead I go to a school where people say “oh there’s another girl pregnant, but that’s no surprise.” The school corporation needs to figure out something to do with all the pregnant teens in our school. There are many ways to prevent this problem from becoming an even bigger one; the school has many options that would benefit the students, future moms, and future students of HNHS.

One of the best things to do for these expecting mothers is allow them to have a special school they can go to. We want a school where they have the freedom to take regular classes but also have the freedom to have to take parenting classes. Somewhere they can feel not judged because they chose the decision to give themselves the chance of becoming pregnant, and a place where they can go and meet other supporting struggling mothers. It would give them a chance to help other expecting mothers.

This idea not only gives the pregnant teens a better environment to learn in but it also gives everyone else a better environment. This could potentially lower the pregnancy rate buy showing the teens that by choosing to be sexually active it could result in a much more serious problem than they expected. And I think you all want what’s best for the students. I hope it gives you something to consider.
Other people may argue and say otherwise. They may say that everyone should be treated equally and that pregnant teens should be able to continue their education at HNHS, and they may have strong feelings but yet I don’t see it lowering the pregnancy rate at all. By the school to allow the students to continue to go to HNHS they are at risk of their attendance to be lowered as well. If the teens have any sickness, health issue, dr. apt., etc. they won’t be at school.

I hope I gave you many things to think about. And I hope you consider my thoughts about teen pregnancy at HNHS. If this were to become a bigger problem I would want you to consider the many other facts that there are when it comes to this important concern that many people have. I think we all would agree we just want our school to be a great environment to learn in.

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